Here is something you need to know: we are more than just a marketing and advertising company. We help businesses of all sizes to realize their full growth potential, and we are invested in their success.





Lins Ad was founded in 1989 by Mr Seow Liang Lin, a pioneer in the travel industry. With great vision, perseverance, and gumption, he has built the company from humble beginnings into one of Singapore’s most notable and fully accredited local advertising agencies, complete with a digital marketing arm called Clickworkz Solutions Pte Ltd.

Mr Seow believes that every product, brand, and service needs advertising to thrive. Today, his belief has translated into more than 1,000 diversified clients from the public and private sectors, served by committed staff in our Singapore and Malaysia offices.



We are a dynamic accredited advertising agency with a team inspiring to make a difference and revolutionise the advertising world. We started out with our Singapore firm in 1989 and expanded to a branch in Malaysia in 1996. In 2009, Lins Ad welcomed its digital marketing arm, Clickworkz Solution, a specialised digital marketing agency providing digital and interactive development solutions for the new market. Equipped with keen knowledge of the local and regional markets, we make sure our clients are always one step ahead of the rest.

Advertising moves the world. We move advertising.

– This is LINs AD’s philosophy that drives our organization 24/7.





Our philosophy and commitment to creative and indeed, all-round excellence, aren’t just defined by a mere abbreviation of our name.

Every alphabet that forms “LINs” defines how we serve you, our esteemed clients. “Looking Inwards” allows us to adopt a 360º approach in understanding what our clients want. “N” this allows us to then engage in effective “Strategizing”, to provide our clients with results that meet and even exceed their expectations!

We are proud to say that we are a fully-integrated service agency. This means we are entirely capable of meeting all your business’ advertising needs. Our resources enable your brand to take flight and conquer the world. Be it a resonating brand image, a powerful marketing strategy, or even a catchy slogan, we have you covered.


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